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You know what you can do....

...if you don't like it

long time away
Holy crap. I had no idea this journal still existed.

Happy Holidays
 I haven't been on here in forever. Hope everyone is well. Happy Holidays from Florida. BTW it was cold as a witches tit here today! Late 20's!

(no subject)

Weight loss status
I just weighed in at 129 lbs. DEAR UNIVERSE. I am giving you a direct order. NO MORE FREAKING WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!!!
I have never been this small. I am in a size 6 but damn enough is enough already.

Wow. It has been way too long since my last visit to this journal. I am now at a healthy size 8! I never dreamed of being this small in a million years. I ran in the Gate River Marathon in Jacksonville a couple weekends ago. Another dream accomplished. Let me see...I am almost done reading the 3rd book of the Twilight series. Paul has started going to sea. He will only be home for 50 days the rest of this year and won't be back until June of 2010. Then he will be home for 2 months and then will go back to sea for 5 months. I hate this. After all that's behind us he promised to never leave us ever again. I hope he can keep it.  : )

I have now reached a MAJOR milestone in my weight loss!!! I am in a SIZE 8 NOW!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

My Makeover pics!!!!
So I have now lost around 110 lbs and I am almost in a size 10. A first in my life! I have worked and continue to work very hard. I am at the gym almost everyday and either walk or ride at least a mile a day as well. Thanks for all of your support.  You guys mean the world to me!!!

This is why they are HOT

Me Jan 2009
I know the camera date is 2008, I just forget to fix it...lol Yes I am lazy.

Have any of you read the book The Secret? Someone recommended it to me? Any good? Thanks